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Call out for Artists!

The professional and the amateur



the legacy of our lives through art and artefact


The 1960's and 70's was a time when lesbian life became more visible, however, in present day Britain, older lesbians (40+) are poorly recognised and represented in dominant Culture.  The UK's growing tolerance of diversity and equality owes a great deal to their experience, activism and bravery during those years.

As seismic political shifts are challenging the thin veneer of tolerance of the 'other' in our society we thought it was time to look back, to look forward.  Through artefacts, animation, photograpy, fine-art, sculpture and performance we question this idea of tolerance and acceptance and in doing so make the invisible, visible.

We have recently produced and curated a specific project 'Veneer' that encouraged collaboration between artistic professionals and creative amateurs within the older lesbian community


We are planning a larger public exhibition and we are looking for more contributors - professional and amatuer.

Established artists, creative amateurs and reminiscence artists from different backgrounds are invited to develop pieces which represent their own personal experiences; of how they have challenged past intolerance and fear to influence the present, in turn, making them the women they are today.  

Are you:

  • over 40?
  • a lesbian/queer/dyke/gay woman?
  • a professional or aspiring artist?
  • someone with an artefact or a story to tell?


If you fit any of the criteria above and would be interested to find out more then get in touch with us on our Feedback page.






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